ditch weeds by James Butcher

ditch weeds by James Butcher
these are solid gold spectacles
with the finest crystal lenses
put them on (i said)
the street is a blurry collage
if you want to call it a collage
it has to have a pink man
a kodachrome woman
a traveling carnival flyer
and two verses from the bhagavad gita
he kept repeating “the universe”
on the corner of first and tenth
when the children were on recess
they played under red oaks
to rest their weary brains
this is the two of them wearing their party hats
the driveway was shorter than that
(i had to stretch the margins)
he wasn’t a schlockmeister
because he wasn’t selling anything
but he had the duende
so we called him giamante
when i was a boy
i had a bubble pipe
and a handful of posies
he told me i should be a preacher
he said their souls are thirsty sponge
(when we were running wild)
you said take my hand and kiss me
my pants are flaming red

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