Paintings: David LaRocca

Paintings: David LaRocca

David LaRocca is originally from Providence, Rhode Island but has spent much of his life in the Deep South. As a child he developed a passionate interest in art that paralleled a growing fascination with fantasy, darkness, and mystery. Over the last 17 years, LaRocca has done work in the 3D Animation, comic book, educational and independent video game industries. In this time, he began illustrating his own worlds of fantasy and horror. LaRocca now works full time as a freelance fantasy and sci-fi illustrator. His works have been published in books, magazines, etc. LaRocca finds inspiration in the works of artists in diverse media: musicians like Tool, authors like H.P. Lovecraft, and fellow illustrators like Brom. His online gallery is located at

Illustrations: Patty Bowman

Illustrations: Sabrina Barnett

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