Illustrations: Sabrina Barnett

Illustrations: Sabrina Barnett

Sabrina Barnett is an artist, writer, and pug enthusiast based outside of Winchester, Virginia. Barnett attended Hollins University, graduating with a degree in English (emphasis in creative writing), and considers her art an extension of the stories in her head. Barnett’s art has most recently been the subject of a special, month-long collaboration with Winter Tangerine Magazine as part of their “Omens” series (September 2015). Sabrina is inspired by dreams, mysteries, mysticism, and magick of all sorts, and spends a lot of time memorizing the contents of her local library’s paranormal section. Visit her on Instagram for all the latest bits and pieces in progress @sabrinaelisebarnett.

Paintings: David LaRocca

Illustrations: George Davis Cathcart

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