Illustrations: Emily Traynor

Illustrations: Emily Traynor

Emily Traynor is a freelance illustrator whose familial roots are historically tied to Pittsburgh, where she moved to pursue a BA in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh. Since graduating in 2010, she has continued to develop her artistic style and technique, particularly exploring the subtlety of line quality and the unique interactions between ink and watercolor. She is fascinated by mythology and fantasy in general, which inspires a lot of her work, as seen in this series of modernized portraits of Greek gods, entitled “Keeping Up with the Olympians.” Emily currently lives in the lively Pittsburgh neighborhood of Lawrenceville, where she finds an immense wealth of inspiration to explore while working out of her home studio. More of Emily’s artwork and information can be found at

Collage: Cindy Vattathil

Illustrations: Patty Bowman

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