Collage: Cindy Vattathil

Collage: Cindy Vattathil

August 30, 2015artcindy vattathilcollage1439Views

Cindy Vattathil, a Bohemian mother of two from Houston, Texas, has been saving scraps of paper her whole life. Little did she know they would serve as a channel for her artistic voice. Like Matisse, she has found a youthful happiness when “painting with scissors,” and prefers the medium of collage to her old acrylic paints. Aside from her art, Cindy enjoys clipping coupons, pruning her shrubs, and cutting the tags off of her family’s clothing. Needless to say, she also owns stock in the Fiskars Corporation. Visit her online at

Confluence by Sandra Marchetti

Illustrations: Emily Traynor

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