Photography: Maynard Breese

Photography: Maynard Breese

Maynard Breese, who resides and works in Chandler, Arizona, is in the vanguard of the “fauxtography” movement. Fauxtography is the art of taking a photograph, or multiple photographs, and digitally altering them until they become something other than photographs. Maynard’s work is available as giclée prints on canvas. He is a member of the Downtown Chandler First Wednesday and the Phoenix First Friday Artwalks; is on the artist steering committee for the Chandler walk; has been featured in the SanTan Sun News; is the featured artist at the SanTan Brewery; the sole artist for MatrixMotosports, for whom he is creating a line of motorcycle racing-inspired art; is one of three featured artists for the August 1st “Art-cadia” art benefit for ovarian cancer research; and currently has work in several Phoenix galleries, including the Red Dog Gallery, which recently featured the works of Keith Harring. “My goal with my art,” says Maynard, “is to create something that not only looks beautiful and invites you to revisit it again and again, but to create an immediate emotional response. Art should be about helping the viewer capture emotion.” Maynard can be reached by email at Maynard [at] YourMemoriesOnCanvas [dot] com. To see more work or find information about commissions, visit his site at

Collage: Maureen Alsop

Mixed Media: Miguel Canatakis

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