Photography: Kristin Fouquet

Photography: Kristin Fouquet

Kristin Fouquet photographs and writes from lovely New Orleans. Her photography has been widely published in both online journals and in print: magazines, chapbook and book covers, and CDs. She enjoys constructing photo essays and short films. Her preferences have been fine art photography, street photography, street portraits, and the occasional traditional portrait. Being a writer as well, she hopes each photograph tells a story. She is the author of Twenty Stories (Rank Stranger Press, 2009), Rampart & Toulouse (Rank Stranger Press, 2011), and The Olive Stain (Hammer & Anvil Press; Le Salon Press, 2013). You are invited to her virtual abode, Le Salon, at the web address

Sculpture: Kimberly Baldwin

Woodcuts: Loren Kantor

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