Mixed Media: Paul Cordes Wilm

Mixed Media: Paul Cordes Wilm

Paul Cordes Wilm is a Southern painter, born and raised in Alabama. He currently lives in Birmingham, Alabama. The bright colors (a good-natured nod to the artist’s red/green colorblindness), satirical juxtapositions, and sharp sense of humor all make his “Folk-Pop” artwork nearly iconic in Magic City. Equally influenced by Andy Warhol and Mose T, Wilm’s paintings and designs are featured during Art Walk and Birmingham Art Crawl. Step into a number of Birmingham businesses, and Wilm’s whimsical characters are waiting to greet you as they are at Naked Art Gallery, Rojo, Schaffer Eye Center, and most recently, Birmingham’s new music venue, Saturn, and on WBHM’s fund drive pint glasses. Paul is an adamant recycler, and as a result, all of his work is created using 90-100% recycled materials, from found wood to used house paint to recycled computer ink to junk mail.

Encaustics: Pam Ross

Illustrations: Regina Valluzzi

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