Mixed Media: Craig Medeiros

Mixed Media: Craig Medeiros

Craig Medeiros is a fine artist and illustrator who considers artists’ bios a great opportunity to talk about himself in the third person. He often does this when no one is looking, anyway. Craig is a graduate of Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT, and is now happily headquartered in Wethersfield, CT. His youth was (mis)spent in Fall River, MA where he drew cartoons during math class and learned nursery rhymes about Lizzie Borden and her trusty axe. His art consists mainly of drippy acrylic paint, obnoxious color schemes, big noses, torn up bits of scrap paper, and whatever else he can get his hands on. He has won several awards for graphic design and illustration, been in a smattering of publications, and is currently showing his work in several galleries around the United States. For more details, upcoming events, and inquiries about commissions and artwork prices please write to mistertengu [at] mac [dot] com or visit And yes, he gets paint everywhere.

Illustrations: Christy Call

Paintings: Dave Mullins

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