Mixed Media: Chantel Schott

Mixed Media: Chantel Schott

Chantel Schott is a self-taught abstract artist based in Queensland, Australia who has worked on projects both collaboratively and individually since 2005. She was recently a finalist in the 2009 Acquisitive Kath Dickson Art Award exhibition in Toowoomba, Australia and runner-up in the Rock the Art Vote competition at Sweetriot in New York. Her artwork, “At Sea,” appears on the cover of the 2010 McGregor Summer School brochure and she was the featured artist at Long Island Arts online gallery in New York. Last year she sold an exclusive collection of her greeting cards to the Darling Heights Post Office in Toowoomba, and in 2010, Chantel will appear in several publications, including Kurungabaa Journal, based in Sydney, and Fally Rag in the UK. Chantel will exhibit at Mooch Hair Workshop, Brisbane in February and participate in the Sketchbook Project exhibition tour beginning in Atlanta. Chantel enjoys working with acrylic, pastels, and mixed media, with her major focus being creating abstract art. She is inspired by fairy tales, fantasy, and sea creatures. Her work can be viewed at: or

Illustrations: Carolina Rodriguez

Illustrations: Christy Call

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