Illustrations: Tucker Hotte

Illustrations: Tucker Hotte

Tucker Hotte is an illustrator from Suffolk, Virginia. His images are rendered in a realistic style with watercolor. He shows amusing imagery by making uncommon visual comparisons. This technique is used to surprise the viewer while clearly showing a perspective relating to a topic. These concepts are a product of memory and imagined settings. The background is treated equally as important as the figures and props in the foreground. Both shape and texture are used in the background to support the composition and mood. These relationships are inspiring and allow him to show broad topics in unexpected ways. While the images are refreshing, they remain relatable through common childhood memories and pop culture objects. Tucker grew up on a farm and was able to spend a lot of time outdoors indulging in sports and activities, including hunting and fishing. This environment laid the seeds of his creativity, and is what makes his brand of art unique.

Photography: Sheri Wright

Photography: Butch Oglesby

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