A Sonnet for Loneliness by A. Anupama

A Sonnet for Loneliness by A. Anupama

Poetry, Vol. 7.3, Sept. 2013

I brush the hint from my sleeve in your honor,
as true as a hart-hound in the snow, ice-dusty
while waiting to train my ears to the whispered tenor
of the forest. But winter sunsets are only silence, dusky
and mute, entranced with the purpleness of cloud-
sound echoed in purple-hearted trees, as they must be
to stand this cold. In the midnight, they are loud,
some cracking under the ice coat, fated to see
the ground close up in this year’s spring thaw, in dales
of fawns awakening. Empty months and distance
are calm brows that never knit close, where the forehead pales
in sleep, like the moonlight in the ice-canopied instance
of this night’s enlighted prayer, with not a scritch of paw
or scratch of branch anywhere—resonance of owls’ law.

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