burntcork, Inventory of Black by J. Camp Brown

burntcork, Inventory of Black by J. Camp Brown

Poetry, Vol. 5.3, Sept. 2011

black at the rictus of the mine, black diamonds and black lung
and blackdamp, a Bible bound with black leather and its black letters,
a deer’s black tongue bloated on the black road, black of skid marks
marking the crash and the greater black that follows,
black gold slicked under the pickup, black of seared flesh,
black of a field burning, black of the first slit in gutting a pig, black soles
of the soldier’s boots, black musket ball wrapped in silk, black after
a lightning bolt, black snakes, blackberries gulped down the throat of a plague
of blackbirds, black of a fretboard steeped in ink, the black
of starlings, barrel-black of the shotgun, black of the open maw,
black cinders in the chimney covering the ashcake, black hole
of the outhouse, black of rot, black of wrought iron, black ankle shackles,
black of a bruised eye, black robe of the judge, black of the back alley,
black dog with its cackling ribs, the black of pupils noosed with fear,
the black of the sun eclipsed, so listen Lord, don’t be looking
with your fiery orb at the speck in my eye, look at the black moon in yours

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