Quizzical Chair: A Collection of Poems, Ed. Laura LeHew

Quizzical Chair: A Collection of Poems, Ed. Laura LeHew

Reviews, Vol. 3.4, Dec. 2009
Cover artwork by Cynthia Reeser

Uttered Chaos, 2009
ISBN: 978-0-9823716-1-9
Staple-bound, 42 pp.
A blurb review by Cynthia Reeser

Edited by Laura LeHew, The Quizzical Chair is an anthology of poems from the Oregon-based Let Them Eat Cake Poets critique group. The 2009 Uttered Chaos publication includes work by Laura LeHew, Colette Jonopulos of Tiger’s Eye Press, Janice D. Rubin, Nancy Carol Moody, Catherine McGuire, and others. The poems themselves span a variety of forms: haibun, prose, and free-form. The common denominator is that they all concern chairs. According to the editor’s note, the idea was to invoke a theme “that hadn’t been done before.” The poems’ sources of inspiration draw from “the church, the train, declining parents, art, history, design, and card games.”

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Beauty by Laura LeHew

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