Pacing the Moon by Sandy Green

Pacing the Moon by Sandy Green

Reviews, Vol. 3.4, Dec. 2009
Flutter Press, 2009
Staple-bound, 21 pp.
A blurb review by Cynthia Reeser

Sandy Green’s chapbook from Flutter Press, Pacing the Moon, is a collection rich in imagery and narrative. Green’s biography emphasizes her work in fiction writing, and this apparent bent shines through in her poetry. More often than not, this works against the poems, which are lacking in sophisticated poetic devices, and whose most apparent designation as poems is in their line breaks. Much of the time, the narrative thread wins over, and the poems could use more attention to enjambment and more interesting turns of phrase and tricks of language—something to offset what is essentially a story told in line breaks. In general, Green’s work would benefit from the language being pushed, and overall attention to poetic form, where both language and form need to work harder within the context of poetry. Clearly, the author’s strength is in imagery, and in being well-traveled, where her experience builds subject and scenery. The work is not lacking in imaginative quality.

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