Fabulous Essential by Niina Pollari

Fabulous Essential by Niina Pollari

Reviews, Vol. 3.4, Dec. 2009
Birds of Lace, 2009
Staple-bound, unnumbered
A blurb review by Cynthia Reeser

While I have a deep appreciation for indie and DIY publishing, more often than not it is the aesthetics that set one press apart from another. Niina Pollari, author of Fabulous Essential, is a Brooklyn-based writer and translator who is a competent-enough poet, but whose work has the misfortune to be printed by Birds of Lace on garish orange paper housed within a bold red cover whose gold lettering push the book more into ghetto fabulous territory than anything fabulously essential. Aside from the distracting aesthetic, Pollari’s poetry evinces an adeptness in its use of language, a decent sense of movement, and what is sometimes an avant-garde flavor, as with “At the Opaque Performance” and others. The three-part “Sexy Apoplexy” is postmodernist in its provision of choice and its lack of absolutes:

(Abt. Nightmaring…)

Arguably her greatest characteristic is the crustacean way she dreams. In segments. Nothing moved interdependently. Everything is/was its own, or became seen that way after/when the eyes adjusted/were adjusting to the light.

I am interested in Pollari as a poet, but would like to see her push her work beyond the merely gimmicky and avant-garde in the future.

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