Print Edition: Issue 11

Print Edition: Issue 11


Product Description

Fall/Winter 2016
ISBN: 9780692803721
330 pp.

Prick of the Spindle Print Edition Issue 11 is a vibrant, full-color issue that includes art by Rhiannon Lee, as well as some of the best contemporary poetry, fiction, and nonfiction going today. In this issue: Ron Riekki interviews Andrea Scarpino; nonfiction by Vivian Ashbel, Josip Novakovich, and Michael T. Young; poetry by Bobby Steve Baker, Devon Balwit, Ben Cartwright, Dennis Caswell, Darren C. Demaree, Glenn Deutsch, Chris Holdaway, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Elliott Niblock, Frederick Pollack, and Kailey Tedesco; and fiction by Thomas P. Balázs, Mark Crimmins, Stephanie Dickinson, Eamon Doggett, Priscilla Mainardi, Joel Morris, Michael Selph, Lynda Sexson, and T. E. Winningham. And, new in this issue: sea stories by Chris Holdaway, Brad Kerstetter, Destanie McAllister, Jennifer Pullen, Nick Roth, Jay Sizemore, and Kailey Tedesco. Cover art by Rhiannon Lee.


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